Working with Precision Machining Specialists in Massachusetts

precision machining specialists in MassachusettsOne of the best ways to achieve your manufacturing and quality control goals is to outsource precision machining to a trusted team. At AMI Machining, we offer a wide range of services and support at our one-stop machining and assembly facility. We boast a team of highly qualified, trained, and experienced precision machining specialists in Massachusetts who can deliver high-quality results for machining, assembly, production, and rapid response prototyping. Our custom manufacturing solutions can be designed to suit your exact specifications and exceed expectations. We are ITAR registered, veteran-owned, and ISO 9001 certified to best meet the needs of our customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Machining

When you partner with a company like AMI Machining to outsource precision machining and other manufacturing services, you gain the opportunity to have your parts, components, and products made by professional machining specialists in Massachusetts. Instead of having to take the time and money required to invest in creating your own one-stop machining and assembly facility for your own company, you can start production right away without delay. We seek and develop the best talent in the business, continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and make sure that our team is properly trained to utilize everything in our climate-controlled facility for the benefit of our customers. You can count on our custom manufacturing solutions and rapid response prototyping services to help you achieve your goals.

Our services are designed to help our customers reduce manufacturing costs and provide continuous process improvements. The success that we have experienced at AMI Machining is a direct result of our commitment to ensuring high-quality production runs that meet or exceed the needs of our clients. Advanced equipment for precision machining and a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced production staff help us stay on the cutting edge of the machining and assembly industry. We employ the industry’s best practices and have embraced lean manufacturing to assure continuous process improvement for each client we serve and every order that we fill. We do everything in-house to guarantee quality control and improve lead times for our customers.

Early Design Services and Support

Another way that we help our customers achieve their production goals is to offer early design involvement services and support. We have found that the sooner we can get involved in the design phase of a project, the better equipped we are to help our customers make informed decisions and create designs that will deliver the most reliable customer satisfaction. We have increased our services considerably over the years due to our unique ability to provide customers with honest answers, professional solutions, and our proven know-how, which helps us to provide unmatched quality results.

We take pride in the many loyal customers that we have earned over the years who continue to trust us to provide all of the design support, production, assembly, milling, turning, and rapid response prototyping that they require. When they outsource precision machining and value-added electro-mechanical assembly services, they know that our team will help them get the job done right and meet any time or budget constraint. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, our one-stop machining and assembly facility solutions can be used to help streamline production and lead to lower overhead costs to ensure that our customers can take their business to the next level.

Precision Machining Specialists in Massachusetts

We work with clients throughout the New England and Northeastern region to provide quality one-stop machining and assembly, rapid response prototyping, and early design support services. We are committed to combining state-of-the-art equipment with the industry’s best practices to provide our customers with on-time service and quality products. Our rapid response prototyping, precision machining, and assembly solutions are designed to reduce manufacturing costs for our clients and provide continuous process improvements.

Our team of highly trained and experienced precision machining specialists in Massachusetts can machine five-axis and machined parts up to 84-inches long and 40-inches wide. Our turning centers are supported with a large stock of tooling and gauging, and we have the ability to turn three-inch bar stock with our twelve-inch chucks. AMI Machining utilizes a broad range of quality control machines to ensure accuracy for all of the parts and components that we manufacture for our customers. To learn more about the services that we provide or to speak with one of our technicians or engineers about your project needs, give us a call at 508-947-1192.