At AMI Machining, our CNC Turning Lathe Centers support large diameter turning at close tolerances. Our team of precision machining specialists utilizes extensive resources, which consists of tooling and gauging for our high-performance turning machines to run at maximum productivity while maintaining unmatched quality.

Our lathes have turning capabilities from .015 to 16.5-inches in diameter and accept 3 inch bar stock through the spindle.

Three of our machines have 12” chucks.

Many of our high-performance turning machines are set-up to run in cellular arrangements.

At AMI Machining, we can also turn within .0002" tolerance and with RA finishes of 12.

Our Turning Machines

SPINDLES - Our high-performance spindles were designed to provide extreme rigidity and thermal stability while keeping set-up flexibility in mind. We also use special spindles that increase the machine's spindle speed, it's through-bore capacity, or horsepower, for demanding applications.

Our team of precision machining specialists at AMI Machining is highly trained in the use of high-performance turning machines and CNC turning lathe centers to provide top quality turning and milling services at our New England facility.