Our Equipment

Our team uses a variety of different milling machines for machining precision components for our clients, according to their specifications and requirements. CNC milling machines, along with trunnions and rotaries for milling 4th and 5th axes, in our vertical and horizontal milling centers at AMI Machining.

CNC Milling Machines

  • HAAS - We utilize a broad range of machines from the Haas VF series to provide milling for just about any size and productivity range. This helps us to meet the needs of our clients, allowing us to provide vertical and horizontal milling for parts ranging from .250-inches in diameter to 20-inches in diameter. Some of the machines that we have on-site include the HAAS VF-9, VF-6, and VF-3SS with a probe. Non-probe units include the HAAS VF-4, VF-3SS, VF-2SS, VF-2, and VF-1. We also have a HAAS VFO-E and two HAAS Super Mini-Mill machines.
  • Brother - The Brother S1000 is used in the machining larger workpieces, providing simultaneous operation control, a fast acceleration and deceleration spindle, non-stop ATC, and a highly responsive servomotor for high reliability and environmental performance. Our Brother S700X1 helps to maximize productive efficiency for mass-production of parts for industries including automotive, motorcycle, and information technology. It features an achievement of high acceleration and a high-responsive servo motor, reducing the delay in response to almost zero.
  • Quaser MF-400 - Very versatile ranges of vertical machining centers, the Quaser provides high speed and high powered machining with a 4+1 and full 5 axis machining capability. It also provides a large X axis machine with a compact footprint. The range of the MF-400 allows for a very fast multi-face 4+1 machining, featuring spindle speeds of up to 24,000 RPM with a high efficiency 4/5 axis rotary table.
  • Robodrill T14 - This milling machine provides our team with high speed, high precision, and high efficiency in a compact machining center. It features a 19.7" x 15" x 11.8" travel area. This machine allows for greater quality control and can be used effectively for both large and small production orders.

Trunnions & Rotaries

In addition to our CNC milling machines, AMI Machining also utilizes a series of trunnions and rotaries for 4th and 5th axis machining. Some of the options that we use include the HAAS TR-210 trunnion rotary tables with an 8.3-inch platter, the HAAS TR-160 trunnion rotary tables with a 6.3-inch platter, the HAAS T5C Collet Tilling Rotary Extenders, and the HRT160 rotary tables for 4th axis machining.

Turning Machines

At AMI Machining, our turning machines have capabilities from .250 to 16.5-inches in diameter. For turning up to 1.625-inches in diameter, we can turn parts up to 27.5-inches in length. We can bar feed material up to ÿ2.75 and 12-feet in length. Our turning centers are supported with a large stock of tooling and gauging, as well as coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and comparators on the shop floor for quality inspection and control.

  • Turnex - Our team works with two Turnex CNC lathes with a spindle nose and 6.5-inch travel. The use of a CNC lathe provides AMI Machining with an economical way to make parts that are commonly symmetrical about an axis of revolution.
  • HAAS - We have two Model SL-30 and one Model SL-10 CNC lathes at AMI Machining. The SL-30 features a 3-inch thru spindle with 31-inch travel, while the SL-10 features 10-inch travel. HAAS is a very reliable manufacturer of machining tools, providing the means to turn quality parts for our customers.
  • Okuma - AMI Machining has two LC 30 Okuma CNC lathes, which feature a 2.5-inch thru spindle with 16-inch travel. It features four-speed ranges and a 12 position turret.
  • Hardinge - We also use a Hardinge CNC lathe that features a 16c spindle nose and 9.5-inch travel. These machines are rigid, reliable, and robust, featuring numerous productivity options for increased versatility.
  • Monarch - Our team also has access to a Monarch EE Tool Room lathe with 20-inch travel. Monarch has earned a reputation in the machining industry for providing top quality, precision machines that are both sensitive and durable.
  • Mori Seiki - The Mori Seiki Engine Lathe features a 2.5-inch thru spindle and 30-inch travel. This particular CNC lathe offers quality turning capabilities from a trusted and reliable machining industry brand.

Quality Control Machines

At AMI Machining, we use a broad range of quality control machines to ensure accuracy for the parts and components that we manufacture for our customers. From coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to optical comparators, as well as a variety of height gauges, our goal is to provide a series of quality management systems for machining precision components.

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

  • Zeiss Contura G2 - Custom options are available, such as a fixed, passive sensor; a flexible RDS articulating probe holder; and an active scanning probe. All sensor variations enable scanning. Zeiss navigator technology comes standard with the active version, providing smooth measurements. It is very robust and precise in its measurements and features computer-aided accuracy.
  • Bendix Cordax 1000 - This precision measurement machine helps us to ensure quality control for machining precision components. The Bendix Cordax is a standard coordinate measuring machine (CMM) used for quality machining and manufacturing as part of a more significant approach to utilizing quality management systems.

Optical Comparator

  • J&L EPIC 14 - This device is used to inspect manufactured parts to ensure that the dimensions and geometry of the part are accurate, as measured against the prescribed limits. The EPIC series from J&L features fully corrected optics, which use an additional optical system, called a relay lens, to form an intermediate image that is magnified by the projection lens to overcome reversal issues, as seen in other optical comparators.

Height Gauges

  • MICRO-HITE (14-inch) 350 - Tesa's electronic vertical height gauge is widely used for measuring precision parts in workshops or gauge rooms. Battery-powered, this instrument eliminates the need for cables and glides on an air cushion to measure internal, external, height, depth, and step dimensions of geometric part features.
  • TESA HITE (14, 24, and 28-inch) 700 - Tesa's height gauges are tried and tested, easy to use, and are incredibly versatile. These tools are used by AMI Machining to play a vital role in the quality control process to ensure that we are machining precision components.
  • Fowler (16-inch) 400 V4 - The height gauge V4 was developed for use in demanding environments. It is robust, precise, and reliable. This machine provides functions that are directly accessible and is depicted with symbols. It offers an exceptional contrast in all lighting conditions and is equipped with a second probe holder, as well as an air cushion, for easy displacement.