Massachusetts precision machiningThe services that we offer at AMI Machining can be broken down into four primary categories. However, when it comes to the work that we do as precision machining specialists, we provide a whole lot more. Since we incorporated in 1995, we have increased our customer base and abilities, providing our clients with honest answers, proven know-how, and services designed to help them achieve their custom manufacturing goals. We take pride in the services that we provide and the loyal customers that we have earned. We offer Massachusetts precision machining and value-added electro-mechanical assembly to clients throughout the New England region. Our one-stop machining and assembly solutions are designed to reduce costs and provide continuous process improvements. Rapid response prototyping, consistent high-quality production and advanced equipment for precision machining are just some of the reasons why our clients choose AMI Machining for all of their precision machining and assembly needs.


Embracing the ideals of lean manufacturing has helped us to maintain a strong position on the leading edge of Massachusetts precision machining. Our custom production team relies on various concepts and tools to continually refine the process to ensure the most efficient levels of service. Quality, value, and consistency are just some of the goals that we embrace in our precision machine shop production division. Our state-of-the-art production facility and highly trained, experienced, and skilled team of technicians have the capacity to take on just about any application, large or small, standard or custom, simple or complex.

We work with our customers and their engineering department to aid in the early design stage development of prototypes. This can benefit the client by helping them to achieve their machining and production deadlines, offer quality management systems for best results, and ensure that they stick to any budgetary requirements. We have access to high-value, advanced equipment in our climate-controlled, one-stop precision machine shop. CNC machining for long and short-run part milling, CNC turning lathe centers for large diameter turning at close tolerance, and a wide range of other advanced options help us to use the industry’s best practices for optimal quality assurance and consistency.


In order to provide a truly one-stop source for our customers to meet all of their Massachusetts precision machining and assembly requirements, we also offer comprehensive electro-mechanical assembly services, as well as just about anything else you might need to achieve your goals. Our machine shop in Massachusetts specializes in machining precision components for telecommunications, semiconductor, electronics, medical, industrial, aerospace and defense industries. The services that we offer include manufacturing parts and machining precision components, using methods designed to reduce costs and improve lead times.


We are a premier provider of long and short-run part milling. Our precision machining specialists use vertical machining and horizontal machining centers. Our team can machine five-axis and machine parts of up to 84-inches in length and 40-inches wide. We offer a large stock of tooling and gauging, relying on Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and comparators on the shop floor to further boost our quality control inspection capabilities. Our horizontal machining centers feature an automatic pallet changer to increase productivity during the machining process. All of our mill programs are stored and transmitted via a shop-wide DNC connection system to ensure the most effective and efficient machining services.


Our team of precision machining specialists uses extensive resources, which include tooling and gauging for high-performance turning machines in our CNC turning lathe centers. Our high-performance turning machines are able to run at maximum productivity while maintaining extremely high-quality and consistent results. Our precision machine shop includes lathes with capabilities from 0.15 to 16.5-inches in diameter and can accept three-inch bar stock through the spindle. Many of our high-performance turning machines in our machine shop in Massachusetts are set-up to run in cellular arrangements. Speak with one of our customer service agents for more specific details regarding specialized spindles, quality control measures, and capabilities for extremely tight tolerances.

Quality Assurance at AMI Machining

We are ISO 9001 certified, rely on state-of-the-art equipment, and offer 100 percent verification at each production interval to guarantee the highest quality control for all of our Massachusetts precision machining and assembly services. Continuous in-process inspection and regularly calibrated measuring equipment are just the start. We also utilize statistical process control (SPC) and a wide range of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), including the Zeiss Contura G2 and the Bendix Cordax 1000, to provide robust and precise measurements with computer-aided accuracy for quality machining and manufacturing.

To learn more about our services, equipment, and techniques, contact AMI Machining at 508-947-1192. Our precision machine shop offers a wide range of comprehensive services at our one-stop-shop facility that is designed to benefit our customers. If you are looking to outsource your Massachusetts precision machining work to a team of highly trained and experienced precision machining specialists, look no further than AMI Machining for all of your precision machining and electro-mechanical assembly needs.