Top Reasons to Hire a Precision Machine Shop in Massachusetts

machine shop in MassachusettsMany small-to-medium size business (SMBs) have a tendency to want to do everything in-house to reduce overhead and increase profit margins. This is especially true when a business is just getting started. However, there are many clear advantages to working with a reputable service for all of your Massachusetts precision machining needs instead of trying to do it yourself. Some of those reasons are financial and can save a considerable amount of money from day one. Other benefits have to do with the quality you can expect from a professional machine shop in Massachusetts, which will contribute to your reputation. AMI Machining is a precision machine shop that provides a wide range of valuable services to our clients throughout the New England area. We are a one-stop machining and assembly facility that can assist with any application, regardless of how large or small, standard or custom, and simple or complex.

Reason #1 – Reduced Errors and Waste

While there may be other methods that can be used in manufacturing, CNC machines offer the ability to put in the client’s specifications for automated, highly accurate and repeatable precision machining. What this does is to significantly reduce the chances of error compared to human machining services. Outsourcing this type of work to a machine shop in Massachusetts like AMI Machining can help you to achieve the best results and get the support of our highly trained and skilled technicians. This method also reduces waste, which can come from error or improper calculations for the best possible use of the material.

Reason #2 – Consistency

As hinted to in reason number one, many of our clients come to us for a more consistent product quality. When your work with an experienced precision machine shop, you will get an output that is reliable and repeatable. What that means is that the consistency for the items you are creating with one-stop machining and assembly is extremely high. This helps new and established companies to produce top quality products for their customers, which in turn increases consumer confidence, improves brand awareness, and helps to grow your company.

Reason #3 – Improved Lead Times

Another excellent benefit of working with a proven provider for one-stop machining and assembly is better lead times. Outsourcing work to multiple service providers or attempting to do all or part of the work in-house can result in a longer turnaround for the finished parts or products. Working with skilled technicians who use state-of-the-art machinery through contract machining services can help you to get some of the best lead times in the business. At AMI Machining, we do everything in-house, from production to assembly, and can even assist in project development from start to finish. Our services are designed to provide our clients with the best results based on their unique needs and requirements.

Reason #4 – Prototype Development and Testing

Our custom production team can work directly with your engineers to assist you in the development of prototypes in the early design stages. Prototype development and testing are essential to ensure that your project meets all consumer and industry requirements for the best possible results. We can also assist you in meeting all of your machining and production deadlines, provide quality management systems, and adhere to any budgetary requirements. We have access to numerous high-value, advanced equipment, including CNC machining for a wide range of production services. We strongly believe that a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and the industry’s best practices ensure the best formula for delivering on-time service and unmatched quality products.

Precision Machine Shop in Massachusetts

AMI Machining is located in Middleboro, Massachusetts, and serves the entire New England region with top quality one-stop machining assembly services. We are veteran owned, ITAR registered, and ISO 9001 certified to deliver the very best in Massachusetts precision machining. Give us a call at 508-947-1192 to speak with one of our engineers about your needs or to learn more about the services available at our experienced precision machine shop. We can help you maximize your potential, assist in reducing overhead costs for production, and ensure that you provide your customers with the best possible results for the parts, products, and components that you manufacture.