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State-of-the-Art Equipment: Massachusetts Precision Machining

Massachusetts Precision Machining EquipmentThe equipment that is used to provide businesses with Massachusetts precision machining and assembly can make a big difference in the end result. At AMI Machining, we believe that investing in state-of-the-art equipment and training for our team of experienced technicians is a big part of what differentiates us from other service providers. Our precision machine shop features a variety of different milling machines for machining precision components to meet the unique specifications of each client. Our CNC milling, trunnions, rotaries, turning, coordinate measuring (CMM), optical comparator, height gauges, and quality control machines are all housed in our climate controlled facility to ensure professional quality services at our machine shop in Massachusetts.

CNC Milling Machines

We are perhaps best known for our wide variety of CNC milling machines and capabilities. Our team of highly skilled technicians uses a broad range of machines from the Haas VF series, which allows us to provide milling for just about any size or productivity range that is required. Vertical and horizontal milling for parts ranging from .250-inches in diameter on up to 20-inches in diameter can be achieved using the Haas VF series equipment. Our Brother S1000 is designed for work with larger pieces, providing our team with all of the operational control, acceleration, deceleration, reliability, and performance needed to meet the demands of mass-production for parts across many different industries.

Our team also uses a Quaser MF-400 to provide versatile ranges of vertical machining with a complete 4+1 and full 5-axis machining capability. This machine also provides our technicians with a large X-axis machine but features a very compact footprint. The range of the Quaser MF-400 allows us to produce multi-face 4+1 machining with spindle speeds of up to 24k RPM with a very high-efficiency rate on the 4/5 rotary table. When high precision, efficiency, and speed 10-inch travel for, our team can turn to the Robodrill T14, which features a 19.7 by 15 by 11.8-inch travel area for greater quality control on both large and small productions. By having so many different machines readily available for manufacturing, our team can quickly fill a client’s order with precision and for top quality Massachusetts machining and assembly.

Turning Machines

For comprehensive Massachusetts precision machining, we also have a variety of turning machines available at our precision machine shop. Our technicians can use machines that range from .250 to 16.5-inches in diameter and parts up to 27.5-inches in length. Other materials can be bar-fed through our turning centers at up to 12-feet in length. A large stock of tooling and gauging options are supported in our turning centers, as well as coordinate measuring machines and comparators for quality inspection and control throughout the process. We boast two Turnex CNC lathes that feature a spindle nose and 6.5-inch travel to provide an economical way to make parts that are commonly symmetrical. We also have two LC 30 Okuma CNC lathes with four-speed ranges, a 12-position turret, a 2.5-inch thru spindle, and a 16-inch travel.

AMI Machining has two Model SL-30 and one Model SL-10 CNC lathes made by Haas at our machine shop in Massachusetts. The SL-30 features a 3-inch thru spindle and 31-inch travel, while the SL-10 features a 10-inch travel. Our Haas equipment provides very reliable and quality results for our customers for small and large production orders. We also have a Hardinge CNC lathe, which is perfect for providing numerous productivity options and versatility; a Monarch EE tool room lathe, which is sensitive and durable; and a Mori Seiki engine lathe, which offers our team top quality turning capabilities and reliable machining.

Quality Control Machines

No precision machine shop would be complete without machinery that is dedicated purely to quality control. At AMI Machining we take care to utilize a wide variety of quality control machines to ensure accuracy. Our coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical comparators, and height gauges, provide our team with the means to sustain a comprehensive quality management system for every part or component that we work on at our machine shop in Massachusetts. From J&L Epic 14 optical comparators that ensure the dimensions and geometry accuracy of each item to height gauges from Micro-Hite, Tesa-Hite, and Fowler, we have all of the state-of-the-art tools and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

We use coordinate measuring machines like the Zeiss Contura G2, which provides a broad range of custom options and variations, and the Bendix Cordax 1000, which works as a significant approach to quality management systems. The Zeiss navigator technology provides our technicians with smooth measurement capabilities for robust and precise results, as well as computer-aided accuracy. When these quality control machines are used, either alone or together, our technicians are able to guarantee top quality precision for every part, component or piece that we work on for our customers.

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