precision machining and assembly in MAWhat if you could improve the quality of your precision machining and assembly work while also reducing overhead costs for manufacturing? Professional Massachusetts precision machining is one of those services that you don’t necessarily have to do in-house. Outside of having to purchase all of the state-of-the-art equipment required to provide reliable, consistent, and top-quality precision machining work, you also need to invest in recruiting and maintaining experienced, skilled, and certified staff. Many businesses are choosing to outsource precision machining to a reputable precision machine shop in MA instead of trying to do it all themselves. When you partner with AMI Machining for production, assembly, milling, turning, and other professional machine shop services, you also gain the insight, experience, and skills of our highly trained team of engineers and technicians. We provide precision machining and value-added electro-mechanical assembly for clients in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England region.

Precision Machining and Assembly

To find out if AMI Machining and our quality precision machining and assembly services are right for you and your business, it’s a good idea to learn what we do. We operate a one-stop machining and assembly facility in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our solutions and approach to machining and electro-mechanical assembly are designed to reduce manufacturing costs for our clients and to provide continuous process improvements. Our success is found in the results for our rapid response prototyping and consistent, high-quality production runs that meet or exceed client expectations. We provide these services in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility, which houses advanced equipment for precision machining. Operated by our team of highly trained, skilled, certified, and experienced production staff, our custom manufacturing solutions and lean manufacturing processes offer unmatched results.

Early design involvement helps us to reduce manufacturing costs for the customer, avoiding common issues and problems that might increase lead times or cause other unnecessary delays. We are able to do everything in-house, from the design services with our engineering departments to precision machining and assembly. Our quality management systems, equipment, advanced machinery, and custom solutions can help to take your manufacturing project to the next level while working to lower overhead costs and increase profits. At AMI Machining, our team of precision machining specialists has the manufacturing capacity, tools, and experience necessary to assist with just about any application. We work on small and large projects, offer standard and custom services, and can offer support for simple and complex designs.

Specialty Services

When searching for a precision machine shop in MA, make sure you choose a service that will provide options for all of your needs. Our custom production team can work with you and your engineers to aid in the development of prototypes in the early design stages. We can assist you in meeting all of your machining and production deadlines, offer quality management systems and solutions for best results, and adhere to essential budget requirements. Our team has access to numerous high-value, advanced equipment options, including CNC machining for long and short part run milling, and CNC turning lathe centers that are designed to support large diameter turning at close tolerances. We strongly believe in combining the latest and most advanced equipment with the industry’s best practices to provide our customers with on-time service and quality products.

ITAR Registered, ISO 9001 Certified, and Veteran Owned, AMI Machining is dedicated to lean manufacturing, utilizing tools and methods designed to maintain a strong position on the leading edge of precision machining and assembly. Many top manufacturers and organizations have embraced lean manufacturing, which fosters the goal of refining processes to ensure the most efficient, effective, and consistent levels for the best possible results. At AMI Machining, we have seen the benefits of this approach, as it has helped us to provide our customers with increased quality, service, and value across the board. We specialize in machining precision components for a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, electronics, industrial, semiconductor, medical, aerospace, and defense.

Contact our team directly to learn more about our Massachusetts precision machining and complete electro-mechanical assembly services by calling 508-947-1192. We can answer any questions you might have about our precision machine shop in MA, and we can help you to choose the options that will help your business most when you outsource precision machining services at AMI Machining.