Quality Control Measures for Professional Precision Machining

professional precision machiningWhen outsourcing precision machining in Massachusetts, it is essential to find a manufacturer that can provide assurances regarding quality control and consistency. Our goal at AMI Machining is to become your one-stop source for all of your machining and assembly requirements. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and provide a continuous in-process inspection to ensure 100 percent verification at each production interval for the best possible results. We don’t stop at machining precision components for our clients, we also offer a wide range of other Massachusetts machining and assembly services to support a variety of industries. We are proud to provide professional precision machining, prototyping, and assembly services for our clients who work in the telecommunications, semiconductor, electronics, industrial, aerospace, medical, military, and defense industries. Veteran-owned and ITAR registered, we are prepared to provide you with high-quality and consistent results.

Calibration for Consistent Results

One of the ways that we ensure the production of quality services is to regularly calibrate all of our measuring equipment and use statistical process control (SPC) to verify further the work that we are doing. Machining precision components with consistency and accuracy requires the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMM), including the Zeiss Contura G2 and the Bendix Cordax 1000. Robust and precise measurements and engineering, combined with computer-aided accuracy, helps us to ensure quality machining and manufacturing. Our team works to diligently inspect, test, and calibrate all of our equipment, including our milling and turning technologies, to provide professional precision machining for every project we take on at our facility.

AMI Machining continually invests in the newest and latest technologies, upgrading our existing equipment and providing regular calibrations to provide the most competitive pricing, best lead times, and most consistent results for all of your manufacturing requirements. We operate all of our equipment in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility in Southeastern Massachusetts. We use advanced equipment for machining precision components and have a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced production staff on hand to make sure everything operates as it should. Whether you choose standard or custom manufacturing solutions for your project, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality precision machining in Massachusetts when you work with our team.

Professional Precision Machining

We take pride in offering our customers the services they need to meet or exceed expectations. Over the years, we have earned many loyal customers who have helped us become a valuable asset to Massachusetts machining and assembly. All of our one-stop professional precision machining and assembly solutions are designed to reduce costs and provide continuous process improvements. We strongly believe that our success is the result of rapid response prototyping and close partnership with clients to deliver consistently, high-quality production runs with our advanced equipment and technologies.

At AMI Machining, we are able to provide everything in-house, from our early design services and prototyping to machining precision components and assembly. We are proud to have earned ISO 9001 Certification, proving our commitment to delivering quality management systems and services to ensure reliable and dependable customer satisfaction. Our clients appreciate our professional precision machining and value-added electro-mechanical assembly in Southeastern Massachusetts and throughout the New England region. Our work with clients in multiple industries and areas of expertise has helped us to provide a more well-rounded offering of services and stay current with the latest technologies and methods for the best possible results.

Machining Precision Components

In addition to our Zeiss and Bendix equipment, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians also utilize three Brown and Sharp Tessa Hite-700 units, a Brown and Sharp Micro Hite-350, a Fowler V4 Trimos Height Gauge, and a J&L Epic-14 Optical Comparator. We have a wide variety of equipment in our facility to provide required services, including Turning, Milling, and other types of essential machining and electro-mechanical assembly. We believe that by combining state-of-the-art equipment with the industry’s best practices, we will be able to provide our customers with on-time services and quality products. We utilize a broad range of quality control machines and inspection methods to ensure accuracy for all of the parts and components that we manufacture for our customers.

If you would like to learn more about our professional precision machining and assembly services, please contact our team by calling 508-947-1192. We can answer any questions you might have about Massachusetts machining and assembly or schedule a consultation to discuss your needs for machining precision components. Call today and get a FREE estimate for our services or place an order for precision machining in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England region.