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Outsourcing Benefits of Precision Machining Specialists in MA

Whether your company is small or large, it is essential to do all that you can to keep your overhead operating costs as low as possible to increase the return on your investment. This objective is the goal of any successful manufacturing business. One of the best ways to reduce costs while still maintaining high quality is to outsource machining precision components and parts to a reputable Massachusetts machining and assembly shop. AMI Machining has built a solid reputation throughout the New England region for providing top quality CNC machining and lean manufacturing in Massachusetts design to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Reduced Operating Costs
The first significant benefit that most manufacturers realize when outsourcing their machining to precision machining specialists is that they can reduce operating costs related to the expense of machining and assembly for those parts. The number one savings is the cost associated with purchasing, maintaining, housing, and operating the required equipment for Massachusetts machining and assembly, including milling, turning, and quality control. Machining equipment can be very expensive and it requires a trained and experienced CNC machinist to operate it effectively for best results.

In most situations, a steady production of parts and components to be used in products and services is not required, meaning that these expensive machines and trained employees would not be used frequently enough to justify the initial investment and ongoing cost. When these services are outsourced to precision machining specialists, your company can eliminate the costs associated with having to hire qualified workers and, of course, the cost associated with purchasing, operating, housing, and maintaining the specialized equipment.

Increased Support & Expertise
Support for machining precision components is also an important part of manufacturing. When you outsource your Massachusetts machining and assembly to a custom production team, you gain the insight, knowledge, and experience of those skilled engineers and technicians if you have an issue with the parts that you have designed. If there are problems with the components not working within the equipment or products that they were designed to work with, you can consult with the support team to find viable solutions. Working with a precision machine shop that specializes in lean manufacturing in Massachusetts can help you to reduce costs associated with designing and machining parts for your business.

Once again, experience plays a vital role in the benefits associated with outsourcing your machining work to a team of precision machining specialists. We have a team of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable engineers and technicians who can assist in the design and machining of precision components and parts that will fit properly and work correctly, according to your specifications. This service can be a considerable asset for smaller companies who do not have access to a team of engineers, providing them with a means to be more competitive and advanced in their capabilities. Our custom production team can assist you in finding solutions at our one-stop machining and assembly facility.

Quality Control
As an ISO 9001 certified company, AMI Machining takes quality control very seriously. We have an entire department devoted to ensuring the quality of our services for machining precision components. Quality control machines, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical comparators, and height gauges are all used on the shop floor to ensure the very best quality assurance for all of the Massachusetts machining and assembly that we do. In addition to being ISO 9001 certified, we are also ITAR registered and authorized to work with military and defense industry businesses.

AMI Machining works with a variety of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, medical, and industrial, providing top quality machining precision components from our precision machine shop in Middleboro, Massachusetts. We work with companies from all over the New England region, helping to reduce the extra cost and responsibilities associated with providing these services in-house. You can count on our team to stay focused on quality control while offering unique opportunities for lean manufacturing in Massachusetts for better service and value.

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