massachusetts precision machining specialistsAmerican consumers are actively seeking out products made in the USA more than they have in a generation. Manufacturers who want to support US-based suppliers and services are also seeking out opportunities to outsource materials and work from local businesses. Outsourcing your precision machining work to a team of highly trained and experienced machining specialists in Massachusetts can help you to meet the demands of this current trend and also offers many other advantages. Outsourcing the machining of precision components can help manufacturers keep customers happy and provide services designed to facilitate an expanding market. AMI Machining is located in Southeastern Massachusetts and offers a wide range of professional precision machining services for clients in New England and across the country. You can count on our team to meet or exceed expectations with our high-quality Massachusetts precision machining and assembly.

Machining Specialists in Massachusetts

Many different industries rely on outsourced services for machining precision components. Precision machining can offer your business a chance to gain an edge over competitors with quality services and expedite workflow to increase production. Lean manufacturing methods work to reduce material costs related to waste that can occur due to human error. Massachusetts precision machining can help businesses to supply the parts and products they need in bulk while enjoying reduced overhead through production savings across the board. Quality control is essential for creating a consistent output of products that meet your standards. This helps to build your brand and reputation among consumers to increase confidence, awareness, and demand.

While some businesses may seek out an outsourcing opportunity for Massachusetts machining and assembly to reduce their initial overhead as they develop a product, many continue to outsource precision machining because of the many advantages that it provides. When you work with a team of machining specialists in Massachusetts who have the background, training, knowledge, experience, and access to the latest technology and machinery, it becomes difficult to imagine getting the work done anywhere else. Consider what it would cost to invest in such a set-up and procure such a team of highly-trained individuals for machining precision components in-house. You not only save money by outsourcing your Massachusetts precision machining, but you also improve quality control and eliminate wasteful practices that might delay production.

What is Lean Manufacturing? – At AMI Machining, we have embraced the concept of lean manufacturing and have implemented it in our organization from the initial estimate that we provide to our customers through to shipping the finished product. Lean manufacturing helps us to achieve our mission, to continually strive to refine our processes to the most efficient levels. The results have been extremely positive and have allowed us to find new ways to provide our customers with top-quality services and increased value that helps us to be more competitive in the Massachusetts machining and assembly market – and beyond. Our custom production team is fully committed to lean manufacturing, and our current plans are to become even more aggressive with it throughout our business in the future.

What to Expect at AMI Machining

Our team of precision machining specialists in Massachusetts has the technical training, expertise, and manufacturing capacity to assist our customers with just about any project, regardless of the size or scope. We work with small and large applications, accommodating orders that are standard or custom, and simple or complex. Our production team works with each client and can provide engineering support to your team at the early design stages, working with the development of prototypes to assist you in meeting your deadlines for machining precision components and production. Our quality management systems help to ensure the best possible results while adhering to any budget and timeline requirements. Our one-stop precision machine shop features all of the equipment needed to get the job done right.

Whether you require long and short-run part milling with our CNC machining equipment or need support for large diameter turning at close tolerance with our CNC turning lathe centers, our team can help you achieve your goals. Our state-of-the-art facility is climate-controlled, features the latest equipment for quality Massachusetts precision machining, and we use the industry’s best practices to provide our customers with consistently on-time, on-budget, and top-quality production. If you would like to learn more about our services, processes, and abilities for Massachusetts machining and assembly, contact our team directly at 508-947-1192. Businesses looking to outsource precision machining and production to US-based companies can have confidence in the pricing, quality, and standards adhered to at AMI Machining. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we are also ISO 9001 Certified, ITAR registered, and are a veteran-owned company.