lean manufacturing in MassachusettsWhen it comes to machining precision components, it is essential that quality control be a top priority. Our customers rely on our one-stop machining and assembly facility at AMI Machining to provide them with Massachusetts precision machining services that will meet their specifications and exceed their expectations. In an effort to increase our ability to deliver top-quality results, we have embraced the concept of lean manufacturing throughout every phase of our operation. While lean manufacturing in Massachusetts has not caught on yet with many of our competitors, we believe that it has helped us to continually refine our processes to the most efficient levels while maintaining an extremely high level of quality and value.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

The concept of lean manufacturing is to address waste, which is something that has plagued the Massachusetts precision machining industry for many years. Waste can come in the form of unused materials that cannot be recycled or reused in some way, but it can also appear as inefficiencies in the processes and methods used for manufacturing. Employees standing around for hours at a time waiting for something to do. Team members who have not been cross-trained in the use of multiple types of machinery so they can be used more effectively in production. All of these things can impact productivity and hinder the quality and value of the completed work. Eliminating waste is the most basic idea of lean manufacturing in Massachusetts and around the globe, and it has been embraced by many top manufacturers because it delivers results.

Sometimes known as lean production, lean manufacturing is a real benefit to machining precision components and many of the other services that we provide at AMI Machining. The application of the principles associated with lean manufacturing has helped us to significantly reduce waste, be more efficient and effective at all stages of production, and increase the value of the services we provide at our one-stop machining and assembly facility. The first known use of what we now know as lean manufacturing was done by the Toyota Production system back in the 1990s. Since they made this change in the way that they worked, Toyota grew from a small company to one of the most successful industry leaders in the auto manufacturing business. However, the principles that lean manufacturing was built on were first introduced by none other than Benjamin Franklin in his Poor Richard’s Almanack publication. It was tried, refined, and applied by others who worked in a variety of different manufacturing fields until it was most successfully used by Toyota.

AMI Machining: Lean Manufacturing in Massachusetts

A great deal of our resources at AMI Machining have been put into this idea of lean manufacturing. After seeing immediate results, we quickly applied it to other areas of operation at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Used by our custom production team to ensure that we maintain a strong position on the leading edge for machining precision components in the local region, we have applied various concepts and tools that are closely associated with lean manufacturing in Massachusetts. From the initial estimate that we provide our clients when they contact us about their precision machining and assembly needs all the way to processing the shipped product, we have been able to utilize the lean manufacturing concept to make marked improvements. We have even established a dedicated lean manufacturing department with the goal of working to continually refine our processes to achieve the most efficient levels.

The success that we have experienced so far with lean manufacturing in Massachusetts has encouraged us to become even more fully committed to implementing this concept throughout our entire organization. We are preparing to become even more aggressive with it in the future. AMI Machining is a Veteran-owned company, and we are proud to be ISO 9001 certified as a reflection of our commitment to quality customer service and production. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we provide one-stop machining and assembly services, including custom production, prototype development, as well as long and short-run part milling to meet the needs of our customers. We take pride in the strong relationships and return business that we have earned from our clients over the years. Our dedication to combining state-of-the-art equipment, a highly talented team of technicians and engineers, and the industry’s best practices has helped us to deliver reliable, on-time service and quality products.

To learn more about AMI Machining and the services that we provide for Massachusetts precision machining and assembly, give us a call at 508-947-1192. We can answer any questions that you might have about our one-stop machining and assembly production services or our commitment to lean manufacturing in Massachusetts.