Outsourcing Skilled Services: Precision Machining and Electromechanical Assembly

outsourcing skilled servicesIt is a sad fact that it is getting harder to find people who are dedicated to their jobs, go above and beyond what’s expected of them, and bring valuable skills to the field. Skilled labor with training, experience, and high quality standards has become a rare thing indeed. Many businesses are now outsourcing skilled services to work with a team of precision machining experts that can handle all of your manufacturing needs. We are happy to have a team of techs and engineers at AMI Machining who are highly trained, experienced, and informed.

We go the extra mile to work with our clients closely in order to meet or exceed their standards and expectations for quality. At our site in Southeast Massachusetts, we do all of the machining and assembly in one place. We also offer quick response prototyping and many other services that help our customers reach their goals. If you need to make something, we are the best precision machine shop in Massachusetts. We are dedicated to mixing cutting-edge tools with the best methods in the business. This helps us give our customers prompt service and high-quality goods.

Precision Machining Experts

Our all-in-one cutting and assembly services are meant to help our clients by lowering the cost of production and making process changes all the time. We always put lean production and the best practices in our field at the center of everything we do. Our team of highly trained and experienced precise machining experts can do more than just production. They can also mill and turn. Our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled building has machines that can make things in five dimensions and up to 84 inches long and 40 inches wide. The tools and gauges we have on hand are very big, and our turning centers can handle three-inch bar stock with their 12-inch chucks.

Our climate-controlled building has high-tech tools for precise cutting, and we’re always buying new tools for our employees. You can be a part of the planning process early on to help keep costs down, and there are special manufacturing options that can help you reach your goals. To make sure we give our customers the best results possible, we are ITAR listed, veteran-owned, and ISO 9001 approved. We go above and beyond standards and provide services that can’t be beat by using rapid response modeling and being flexible. We do everything in-house to make sure that our customers are happy and that quality control methods and services are used at every stage of production. Thanks to being able to give every client honest replies and proven knowledge, we have grown our services and client list a lot since 1995.

Precision Machine Shop in Massachusetts

Customers in Massachusetts and all over New England can come to us for all of their machining and assembly needs. The services we offer have helped us build a base of loyal customers, which we’re proud of. We came up with solutions for high-quality Massachusetts precision machining and value-added electromechanical assembly to help our clients cut down on manufacturing costs while we fine-tuned our processes to keep getting better. Our goal is to give our customers everything they need for all of their assembly and machining needs. We can give you better results overall if we can get involved in the development process as soon as possible through quick response prototyping and professional talks with our engineers.

Industries like telecommunications, semiconductors, electronics, industrial, medical, aircraft, and defense are some of the ones where we are experts at making precise parts. We are always working to make our processes better so that they are as efficient as possible and of the highest quality. This way, we can deliver on time and at a low cost. In our climate-controlled building, we use cutting-edge tools and hire precision machine experts with a lot of training and experience as part of our quality control measures. We use statistical process control (SPC) and regularly adjust our measuring tools to get uniform, high-quality results. We keep our name for providing the best services by verifying every step of the production process and checking them continuously while they’re being made.

Outsourcing Skilled Services for Industry

If you want to know more about the services we offer at our Middleboro, Massachusetts, one-stop machining and assembly center, please call us at 508-947-1192. To start the buying process, you can also get in touch with our team through the form on our website. The skilled engineers and experts in precision cutting on our team can help you reach your goals. We can meet or beat your Massachusetts precision machining needs with quick response development, value-added electromechanical assembly, and other highly skilled services.