Dependable Precision Machining and Assembly in Massachusetts

machining and assembly in MassachusettsIt is crucial to collaborate with a group of precision machining experts who can take care of all of your manufacturing needs in a world where it is getting harder to find people who take pride in their work, go above and beyond industry standards, and have valuable skills that contribute to the industry. At AMI Machining, we take great pride in having a group of technicians and engineers that are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced and who collaborate with our clients to achieve or surpass objectives. At our New England facility, we provide one-stop machining and assembly in Massachusetts, as well as quick response prototypes and a wide range of additional services that aid our clients in achieving their objectives. For all of your production requirements, we are the top precision machining facility in Massachusetts. We are committed to offering our clients high-quality services and goods on time by integrating cutting-edge technology with best practices in the sector.

Quality Production Services

Our all-inclusive machining and assembly services are intended to assist our customers by lowering production costs and delivering ongoing process improvements. The principles of lean manufacturing and industry best practices guide all we do. In addition to manufacturing, our team of highly skilled and experienced precision machining professionals also provides milling and turning services. Our cutting-edge, temperature-controlled facility is equipped with five-axis machining equipment that can handle items up to 84 inches long and 40 inches broad. With the help of our 12-inch chucks and a vast inventory of tooling and gauging, our turning centers can turn three-inch bar material.

We constantly invest in new equipment for our workers, and our climate-controlled facility has cutting-edge gear for precise machining. Early design engagement can assist lower production costs, and you can find custom manufacturing solutions to help you reach your objectives. We are veteran-owned, ITAR registered, and ISO 9001 certified to guarantee that we give our clients the greatest outcomes. Flexibility and quick reaction prototyping enable us to create services that are outstanding and beyond expectations. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction and thorough implementation of quality management systems and services at every stage of manufacture, we handle everything internally. Since 1995, we have significantly expanded our services and clientele thanks to our capacity to offer each customer we work with straightforward responses and tried-and-true expertise.

Precision Machining Specialists

We offer complete machining and assembly services to clients in Massachusetts and across the rest of New England. We pride ourselves on being able to provide services that have allowed us to gain devoted clients along the road. Our value-added electro-mechanical assembly and superior Massachusetts precision machining solutions were developed to assist our clients in lowering production costs while optimizing our procedures for ongoing improvements. In order to meet all of our clients’ machining and assembly needs, it is our mission to offer whatever they demand. We can deliver better overall outcomes the earlier we can become engaged in the development process through quick response prototypes and expert consulting with our engineers.

We focus on the machining of precision components for a variety of markets, such as the telecommunications, semiconductor, electronics, industrial, medical, aerospace, and defense sectors. To assure on-time delivery at a fair price, we continuously work to enhance our procedures to achieve maximum efficiency and great quality. We use highly skilled and knowledgeable precision machining professionals as well as cutting-edge technology in our climate-controlled facilities as some of the steps we take to assure quality control. For consistent, high-quality findings, we constantly calibrate our measurement tools and use statistical process control (SPC). We keep up our reputation for providing the best services available with continuous in-process inspection, 100% verification at each production interval, and other measures.

Machining and Assembly in Massachusetts

Give us a call at 508-947-1192 if you have any questions regarding the services offered at our one-stop machining and assembly facility in Middleboro, Massachusetts. To begin the ordering process, you may also contact our staff using the website’s contact form. You can accomplish your objectives with the assistance of our team of expert precision machining professionals and engineers. We can meet or exceed your requirements for Massachusetts precision machining through the utilization of quick response prototype, value-added electro-mechanical assembly, and other highly skilled services.